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568 연구자료 에너지효율향상 Wie die Energiewende in Sudkorea Tempo gewinnt Agora Energiewende 2020-12-01 241
567 연구자료 기타 Report by Brattle Consultants Evaluates Strategies to Increase Renewable Resource Access for Commercial and Industrial Customers Brattle 2020-11-30 223
566 발간물 4차산업혁명 Transforming Infrastructure: Frameworks for Bringing the Fourth Industrial Revolution to Infrastructure The World Economic Forum 2020-11-30 224
565 발간물 기타 Irish-led EU Geothermal Energy project to enable SMEs build capacity to work on geothermal projects DCCAE(Department of Communication, Climate Action & Environment) 2020-11-27 231
564 연구자료 신재생에너지 Distributed Generation, Battery Storage, and Combined Heat and Power System Characteristics and Costs in the Buildings and Industrial Sectors EIA(U.S Energy Information Administration) 2020-11-26 52
563 통계 기타 International industrial energy prices UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy 2020-11-26 42
562 통계 에너지효율향상 Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES): combined heat and power UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy 2020-11-25 54
561 연구자료 신재생에너지 Commercial Demonstration of a Solar Thermal Heat Pump CEC(California Energy Commission) 2020-11-25 47
560 연구자료 신재생에너지 Implications of Increased Renewable Natural Gas on Appliance Emissions and Stability CEC(California Energy Commission) 2020-11-24 44
559 연구자료 기후변화대응 Multihazard Investigation of Climate Vulnerability of the Natural Gas Energy System CEC(California Energy Commission) 2020-11-24 44