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191 연구자료 에너지효율향상 transition 20 - the German Energy Agency's energy transition magazine DENA 2020-08-27 13
190 연구자료 에너지효율향상 Backbone of the energy transition DENA 2020-08-27 11
189 연구자료 에너지효율향상 Artificial Intelligence ? from Hype to Reality for the Energy Industry DENA 2020-08-26 10
188 발간물 4차산업혁명 Global Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Their Implications for the Energy Industry DENA 2020-08-26 10
187 연구자료 에너지효율향상 New publication: Sustainable Electricity Sources DENA 2020-08-25 10
186 연구자료 기후변화대응 China and the EU ? new alliances for climate action? DENA 2020-08-25 9
185 연구자료 에너지효율향상 NEC selects Centrica for Birmingham energy resilience project IDEA 2020-08-24 11
184 연구자료 신재생에너지 E.ON to generate green electricity from geothermal energy IDEA 2020-08-24 9
183 연구자료 에너지효율향상 What Explains the Success of Top Performing States in Energy Efficiency? Brattle 2020-08-21 8
182 발간물 에너지효율향상 Does Electricity Competition Work for Residential Consumers? Evidence from Demand Models for Default and Competitive Residential Electricity Services Brattle 2020-08-20 8