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228 발간물 에너지효율향상 Enabling Canadian Electricity Imports for Clean Power Plan Compliance: Technical Guidance for U.S. State Policymakers Brattle 2019-02-07 38
227 발간물 기후변화대응 Clean Energy Resource Options for Massachusetts to Meet GHG Reduction Goals under the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA): A Synthesis of Relevant Studies Brattle 2019-02-07 36
226 발간물 에너지효율향상 Review of the Renewable Denton Plan: Final Report Brattle 2019-02-07 36
225 발간물 에너지효율향상 The Future of Wholesale Electricity Market Design with the Growth of Low-Carbon Generation Brattle 2019-02-07 34
224 발간물 에너지효율향상 Well-Planned Electric Transmission Saves Customer Costs: Improved Transmission Planning is Key to the Transition to a Carbon-Constrained Future Brattle 2019-02-07 9
223 발간물 신재생에너지 Exploring Natural Gas and Renewables in ERCOT, Part IV: The Future of Clean Energy in ERCOT Brattle 2019-02-07 9
222 발간물 에너지효율향상 Distribution System Pricing with Distributed Energy Resources Brattle 2019-02-07 9
221 발간물 에너지효율향상 Analysis of Ontario's Full Scale Roll-out of TOU Rates - Final Study Brattle 2019-02-07 9
220 발간물 에너지효율향상 Oil and Gas Termination Payments: Devil is in the Details Brattle 2019-02-07 9
219 발간물 에너지효율향상 Comments on the New York DPS "Clean Energy Standard White Paper ? Cost Study" Brattle 2019-02-07 9