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번호 유형 구분 제목 출처 게시일자 조회수
328 발간물 4차산업혁명 Building Value with Blockchain Technology: How to Evaluate Blockchain's Benefits The World Economic Forum 2019-09-03 43
327 연구자료 4차산업혁명 AI Government Procurement Guidelines The World Economic Forum 2019-09-02 39
326 연구자료 4차산업혁명 Generation AI Establishing Global Standards for Children and AI The World Economic Forum 2019-08-16 53
325 연구자료 4차산업혁명 Health and Healthcare in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Global Future Council on the Future of Health and Healthcare 2016-2018 The World Economic Forum 2019-08-15 53
324 발간물 4차산업혁명 Risk Snapshot: Smart Grids The World Economic Forum 2019-08-14 26
323 발간물 에너지효율향상 Solar PV and Energy Efficiency in Residential Building Codes ACEEE 2019-08-13 32
322 연구자료 에너지효율향상 Governance Models and Strategic Decision-Making Processes for Deploying Thermal Grids IDEA 2019-08-12 24
321 연구자료 신재생에너지 Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2018 IRENA(International Renewable Energy Agency) 2019-08-07 66
320 연구자료 신재생에너지 Solutions to integrate high shares of variable renewable energy IRENA(International Renewable Energy Agency) 2019-08-06 63
319 연구자료 신재생에너지 Renewable energy auctions: Status and trends beyond price IRENA(International Renewable Energy Agency) 2019-08-05 60