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번호 유형 구분 제목 출처 게시일자 조회수
558 발간물 신재생에너지 PNNL Fracturing Fluid: Cost-effective Option for Geothermal Energy PNNL(Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) 2020-11-23 3
557 발간물 에너지효율향상 Bright Lights + Big City = Millions of Dollars in Savings PNNL(Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) 2020-11-20 2
556 연구자료 기후변화대응 A government roadmap for addressing the climate and post COVID-19 economic crises CAT(Climate Action Tracker) 2020-11-20 2
555 연구자료 에너지효율향상 Beneficial Electrification in Industry ACEEE 2020-11-19 3
554 연구자료 신재생에너지 Effects of Changes in Natural Gas Prices and Renewable Capital Costs on the Electric Sector in Asia EIA(U.S Energy Information Administration) 2020-11-19 1
553 연구자료 신재생에너지 Future of wind IRENA(International Renewable Energy Agency) 2020-11-18 2
552 발간물 기후변화대응 Cutting greenhouse gas emissions through circular economy actions in the buildings sector EEA(European Environment Agency) 2020-11-18 1
551 연구자료 에너지효율향상 Electrifying Space Heating in Existing Commercial Buildings: Opportunities and Challenges ACEEE 2020-11-17 8
550 연구자료 기타 Akzeptanz und lokale Teilhabe in der Energiewende Agora Energiewende 2020-11-17 6
549 연구자료 신재생에너지 Solaranlagen zwischen Eigenverbrauch und Volleinspeisung Agora Energiewende 2020-11-16 9