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Energy GHG Total Information Platform Service

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번호 유형 구분 제목 출처 게시일자 조회수
162 연구자료 4차산업혁명 Windows of Opportunity: Facilitating Trade with Blockchain Technology The World Economic Forum 2020-07-06 0
161 연구자료 기후변화대응 Climate change adaptation in the agriculture sector in Europe EEA(European Environment Agency) 2020-07-06 0
160 연구자료 4차산업혁명 AI Governance: A Holistic Approach to Implement Ethics into AI The World Economic Forum 2020-07-03 5
159 연구자료 에너지효율향상 Adaptation challenges and opportunities for the European energy system EEA(European Environment Agency) 2020-07-03 4
158 연구자료 기후변화대응 Monitoring CO2 emissions from new passenger cars and vans in 2017 EEA(European Environment Agency) 2020-07-02 5
157 연구자료 에너지효율향상 IEEJ Outlook 2020 IEEJ 2020-07-02 5
156 연구자료 4차산업혁명 A New Era of Manufacturing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: $7 Billion of Possibilities Uncovered in Michigan The World Economic Forum 2020-07-01 1
155 연구자료 4차산업혁명 Globalization 4.0: Shaping a New Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution The World Economic Forum 2020-07-01 1
154 연구자료 4차산업혁명 Platforms and Ecosystems: Enabling the Digital Economy The World Economic Forum 2020-07-01 1
153 연구자료 신재생에너지 Report by Brattle Consultants Evaluates Strategies to Increase Renewable Resource Access for Commercial and Industrial Customers Brattle 2020-07-01 1